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The long silence is over!

For the last nine or so months, a better TRUTH went through some significant changes.

Janosch Scharlipp left the company, since his job at Isys Vision left him no time to work for a better TRUTH. Due to this, I had to change the legal form of the company (“Eingetragener Kaufmann”). Also I’m now the only owner of a better TRUTH.

While I was sad to see Janosch leave the company, I’m happy to announce that an other friend, Lukas Fehrenbach, joined me at a better TRUTH to take care of all financial matters.

So what have we done over the last months? While starting out some years ago as a film production company, we now added two major fields to our portfolio: product development and manufacturing as well as being a retailer for a couple of companies.

I organized over at reduser.net group buys for steadicam systems (ProLine), film lenses (GL optics) and sliders (MYT Works). Through the conversation with other film professionals, I soon realized that especially in the field of brushless gimbals, which are very popular since the introduction of the Freefly MoVI at NAB2013, products are lacking features which you would normally expect on professional gear. So I started to develop, together with the companies I worked with on the group buys, my own products. And because I don’t want to reinvent the wheel, I became a dealer for products that perfectly complete my systems.

Unfortunately, most of the work when setting up a company is writing contracts. But if everything goes well, those months of suffering (reading contracts is really a pain in the ***) should be over this week!

I’ll try to keep this blog a little bit more up to date to keep you informed about our products, such as the Satin Remote.

Oh and have a look at our new shop!


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