“Nocturnes” production blog – day 6

The last day of shooting was quite relaxed since there was only one scene left for „Nocturnes“. Yet we were facing a new challenge: For the first time, we used our RED Dragon in an ewa-marine underwater-housing! Of course we made some „dry“ testing before and this time we didn’t actually go underwater, but drove the camera on a jib and dolly into a shower.

Operating a camera in an underwater-housing is different in several points. During the whole production, we were using the RTmotion Follow Focus mk 3, even when shooting with the drone. We might have used it in the housing as well, but knowing how incredibly strong the motor is, we were afraid that it would damage the material of the underwater-bag. Luckily, ewa-marine housings feature a „pouch“ which allows to pull focus manually. Operating the Camera on a dolly and jib was the bigger challenge: fixing the camera on a tripod head through the skin of the housing. We are currently working with ewa-marine on an insinde and outside dovetail solution for the proper use on tripods, but unfortunately, it wasn’t finished yet. So we used extremely strong 3M dual lock to fix the camera in the housing and to fix the housing on the tripod head – combined with the carrying straps of the ewa-marine housing wound around the tripod head as a safeguard – it worked well, but never leave the camera like this unattended on a jib though!

We are looking forward to further tests with new customized ewa-marine features like integrated dovetail plates and waterproof cable exits for video transmission or even for the use of remote follow focus systems in wired mode!


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