“Nocturnes” production blog – day 5

“The enemy of art is the absence of limitations.” ― Orson Welles

On Day 5, the team had an amazing time: the green screen scenes worked out right away, everyone was in a good mood and the technical team managed to finish all the set-ups not only in time but sometimes even faster. Everyday for the last days, the technical crew, headed by Viola, David and Stephan – our ever dependable sound man, handy man, super man etc. – would meet at 6:45 in the morning and go about setting up the equipment we would need for the rest of the day’s shoot. And after the shoot, they would also pack everything up that wasn’t needed. So, basically it was a job that would begin at 6:45 in the morning and end at 9:30 in the night – if you are lucky that is. Next time you watch a movie we would really request you to take a minute to thank the technical crew for slogging for months together so you could be entertained for a couple of hours. But seeing the results on screen and the appreciation of the rest of the film team make sure that it’s not a thankless job.

We had planned a shoot in an elevator at the Thyssen-Krupp premises here in Freiburg. The workers at the building were very gracious and ensured we got all we needed for the shoot. We had to use a green-screen to film this scene. Stephan had it set up in time. We shot the scene from 5 perspectives using mostly again out MYT works slider. The practical light in the elevator (Osram florescent light bulbs) looked surprisingly good and we didn’t have to replace it by our LEDs. We were shooting the scene at ISO800 at 72fps. We had to use a 1/100s shutter to make sure that no flicker would occur. We were once more astonished by how well the RED Dragon handles all kind of light sources.

We broke for lunch and shifted our equipment back to the house in Günterstal. We planned to finish shooting the scene in the bedroom that was unfinished from the day before and to shoot another scene involving our lead in the office room. The scene in the office room was filmed from 4 perspectives and we even managed to produce one of those rare events on film set – a one shot wonder. Both scenes were to be filmed on the slider. We had already rehearsed extensively the previous day for the scene in the bedroom. So, that was one of the easiest scenes we had filmed all week long. We were so efficient with our work that we had time left over to film an additional scene too which we managed in under an hour. All in all, this was possibly one of the most productive days we had had. We had managed to film 4 scenes, one of which was particularly challenging technically.

We had only one scene left to film on day 6. Spirits on set were high and we were really proud of what we had achieved, especially given the fact that we were only 7 people on set that day, 2 of whom were actors. Our hero of the day was undoubtedly Stephan – not only worked fast and thorough, his positive attitude kept the technical crew in a good mood despite the workload. Thanks Stephan for all the hard work!

©photos by Richard Kiefer and David Kellermann


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