“Nocturnes” production blog – day 3: Passage 46

The scene at the bar „Passage46“ in Freiburg worked out better than expected. The management and the bar staff were very cooperative so we had an own room for our equipment and they assisted us when setting or changing practical lights.

We shot during the opening hours, so we were were depending on the bar’s guests willingness to either change chairs or to be seen in the short film. Fortunately, all were very open to our project and some of them even spontaneously joined our extras.

Eva, filling in for Yann this evening, did a great job as assistant director. It was quite impressive how confidently she coordinated all the extras.

Seeing the bar through the Red Dragon’s eyes and our rehoused Leica R superspeed lenses was amazing and spirits were immediately lifted. Only the first AC grumbled about pulling focus at 80mm T1.4, but the final image was convincing. We shot a couple of perspectives on our MYT Works slider and couldn’t contain our excitement when we saw the finished product on the monitors.

The most surprising fact was that we had scheduled 4 hours shooting time before, but everything was in the can after a little more than one hour. Happy about how everything went well and to have enough time to sleep before continuing shooting the next day, we went home.


©photos by Flo Force Photography


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