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Once a BNC connector is plugged in properly, it fits tight and solid, which is rather nice. But as soon as you have to plug and unplug the connector several times a day, this procedure starts getting annoying. Many cameras‘ HD-SDI outputs are located in quite safe but hard-to-reach places, especially when the camera is fitted into a cage or equipped with additional battery plates. It often requires some patience, fine motor skills and sometimes even headlamp to find the right position for the connector. But there are great news for ACs! With their Easy Click BNC Adapter, Hanse Inno Tech developed a handy device which allows to attach BNC cables with one flick of the wrist.

We tested it on our RED Dragon, where the HD-SDI output is hidden underneath the REDmote. It will make many situations on set easier for sure. The male Easy Click connector stays in the camera’s HD-SDI output and the female connector attached to the BNC cable. After that, both connectors are easily attached to each other via magnet. The magnet is just strong enough to fasten the interface safely but not as strong as to damage the memory card.

You can purchase the BNC adapter and other Hanse Inno Tech products on our store.


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