A little bit more than two weeks after the end of principle photography, we’re glad to release the teaser for our short film „Nocturnes“. We intend to finish a trailer by July. The film will be finished in August and hopefully be screened at multiple film festivals around the world.

The film was shot on a RED Dragon in 5k 24fps, except the slow-motion which was shot in 4k WS at 75fps.

For the aerial shot in the teaser, we used a Freefly Cinestar 8 with a DJI Ronin gimbal to fly the RED Dragon. The pilot of the drone was the incredible talented Felix Hosenseidl from Flymotions. The second shot in the teaser was filmed by two people carrying the DJI Ronin.




Ein Kurzfilm von

David Kellermann

Director of Photography

David Kellermann


Herbert Schäfer & Nina Rothermel

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